Acrylic-Glass Mounted Information

A modern look to framing fine art photography. This method frames the photograph behind glass without the frame and matte allowing the viewer to concentrate on the image as it floats off the wall.This method is also known as PlexiGlass mounting.

A glossy photograph is mounted to the back of 3/16" art-grade acrylic giving it an unbeatabley crystal-clear, three dimensional feel as the picture is seen thru the acrylic. It is both UV protected and scratch-resistant. A 1/8" black, acid-free board is provided on the back to fully encase and protect the artwork. A French Cleat hanging system is attached to the back so the print floats off the wall.

The print is pressed directly onto the glass with no spacing and no reflections in between. The results are incredible clarity, vibrant colors, and great tonal depth. This is my favorite framing option as the image pops and grabs your attention with an elegant display.

Material and Sizing Specifications:
Museum grade, ultra-violet and scratch resistant 3/16” acrylic.  Protective acid-free backing and French cleat hanger are made of 1/2″ black poly backing with concealed French cleat hanging system. Overall depth of product is 13/16” from front face to wall.  This standard product is available in any size up 48” x 96”.