2013 Colorado Fall Colors Trip

Following the same theme as the wildflower season, fall in Colorado was much different than years past. This year was a bit of a disappointment. The colors were around 2 weeks behind. A lot of trees that did turn were a muted color and then the snow and cold temperatures turned promising leaves into a rust or brown color quickly. However, just like the old saying, you must turn lemons into lemonade or make the best of the situation you are in. After all, when isn’t it nice to be out in nature? The following were my favorite images from this years outing.

This image portrays early morning with Mount Sopris enshrouded in clouds after an evening of snow with orange aspen trees lining the foreground. I love this peak. It dominates the landscape and find myself photographing it often.

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This image titled “Blending Seasons” was an image I visualized prior to a winter storm coming in. I was hoping that I might have a layering effect of snow and colors. When I hiked to this location, I was pleasantly surprised to see what I had hoped for.

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As mentioned above, the colors weren’t as widespread and grandiose as recent years. However, in the San Juan mountains, the scrub oak was incredible. One of the best years for scrub oak I had seen in awhile. I spotted this image driving around and did my best to capture the multitude of colors on the hillside.

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This last image was one of the few aspen strands I found that were healthy and colorful while I was out. This photograph depicts late afternoon light with clouds that are partially blocking the sun casting shadows on the scene. The mountain in the background is East Beckwith peak located outside of Crested Butte.

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2013 Colorado Wildflower Trip

For some reason this Colorado wildflower season was very similar to last year – both were challenging to find profuse flowers in the mountains. I found some clumps here and there, but nothing like I had seen in years past. I came away with a few photos of some flowers and then some other scenic photos that I enjoyed photographing in the absence of many flowers.

This photograph depicts a combination of Indian Paintbrush (different colors) and Lupines interspersed with boulders in the White River National Forest.

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The following photo was a surreal sight. Standing high up in the La Plata Mountains and have clouds swirl around you was amazing. At first I was a little unnerved by the weather thinking it could lightning at any moment. Then the sun broke through the clouds for a brief minute illuminating Diorite Peak.

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Next this was one of my favorite images from the trip. I was backpacking and was hoping to captures a mountain backdrop reflecting in a lake. I bombed out two days. However, I did find a little stream that captured my interest. I followed it up and saw this cascade and really liked the surrounding. This was taken in the Uncompahgre National Forest

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This last image is also one of my favorites. I had been interested in photographing Snowmass Peak for several years but never made my way there. This year, I decided that I would do it. Not only was the area around the lake fantastic, but the hike was one of the most enjoyable hikes I had ever been on. Plenty of alpine meadows and majestic mountains.

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Gallery Showing

I am now showing my work at the Denver Photo Art Gallery. The gallery is owned by John Fielder and he shares space with other artists. If you are in town or visit, please take some time to visit the Denver Photo Art Gallery where you can see some of my work displayed. I am displaying a combination of work including Colorado Mountains, Grand Tetons, and Idaho photos.