Quick 2013 Colorado Spring Photo Trip

I took a quick weekend trip up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I didn’t have any dramatic light. However, I was content photographing aspen trees covered with vibrant green foliage. This shot is a sprint rendition of my Fall Twisted Aspens that was photographed in 2012.

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Another photograph I came away with I just kind of came to me while sitting on a rock watching the sun paint light on the mountains. I saw these aspen trees and was really drawn to the pathway (tunnel) they created. The trees on the side seemed to all converge on one tree in the middle.

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One thought on “Quick 2013 Colorado Spring Photo Trip

  1. Hi Tad, I really like your composition of the aspens above. I will be in the area at the end of the month and was wondering if you would care to share the location of the twisted aspen trunks?
    It is definitely unique. Thanks and happy shooting!

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